Jennifer Green

Is there a safe magnesium supplement I can feed my boy? I had heard magrestore was good but wanted to check. 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Jennifer,

You can feed MgOx from a feed mill for a cheap option or the human version for a slightly more expensive version.  You can read about this on the website:  Magrestore would be one of the most expensive options out there so I would pass on that.

Candice Piraino

Hi Jennifer,

I actually feed my herd 58% magnesium oxide from the local feed store. It is a 50 pound bag and cost me $35.00. It lasts me at least a year for 3 equines. You might try calling around to local feed stores and asking if they carry it, or could order it for you. 

Also, Uckele has some you can purchase online as well. 

Candice Piraino

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Hi Candice,
How much do you feed and how do you disguise it?  I have tried repeatedly to get my two mares to take magnesium and they just refuse it.  

Is MagOx different from feeding regular magnesium?

Linda in CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara


Hi, Linda. 
Magnesium is always fed as a compound. I don't know what form is regular to you but all of them are white powders. Among your choices include magnesium oxide, widely available as a feed supplement or in food grade on line. Magnesium carbonate is available from good quality equine supplement houses like Uckele.    MagOx is the most concentrated, so you need less.  Start with a teaspoon and use just enough water to stick to your carrier. Expensive magnesium supplements marketed to horse people (MagRestore, for example) are selling you human grade magnesium at a huge mark up. MagOx is cheap, widely available and just as effective and bio-available, as far as anyone know. You feed less and save money. 
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