Clover-Levels back to normal but requesting overall diet advice

Jess R

Hi all,

Clover’s levels are back to normal and he is slowly increasing an appetite. He had lost 88lbs but he is starting to enjoy Triple Crown Timothy cubes more and his hay so that seems to increase little by little which. I had moved barns due to his asthma so I’m starting over in some areas. (No hay analysis yet) My new barn manager and I had spoken about a hay analysis and she told me they conducted one over a year ago and has other ponies/horses with cushings doing well now after managing their diet etc. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on other food options? He’s picky so he has turned his nose up at beat pulp already. I bought Triple Crown Safe starch because I thought I read it on the safe list as it as it was listed under TC cubes.

I’m worried he will be fussy about powders/grounded feed. I had hoped to try TC ground flax or something similar. Perhaps mixing into the cubes? I’ve ordered a California trace plus sample to see if he will tolerate it. 

He was also eating 2lbs pro elite performance which I know isn’t approved however when he was not eating as much, the barn manager really wanted to offer him something. Now trying to wean off and switch. He needs gastric support too.

Is there anything else I could try to include in his diet that would help his overall health? 
Jess in New Jersey 2020

Sherry Morse

Hi Jess,

For us to really be able to help you we need a case history with exact information on what Clover is currently eating as well as what - if any - medication he is currently on. The Triple Crown Safe Starch isn't on our approved list because it's not consistently tested.  We do recommend Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes and those can be fed in place of hay at a 3:4 ratio, but you still need to add in salt, flax and Mg at the very least.