Beet Treats by The German Muffin Co. Equus Magnificus

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

I searched the files and can't seem to find my answer. Are the Beet Treats by The German Muffin company safe for IR to administer pills? I would be using them two times per day. The bag says they are about 12% NSC.

Thanks Nan
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Sue Ring

Hey Nancy,  I have been using the Beet E Bites (pill pockets) for a while.  He LOVES the apple flavored ones and likes the peppermint flavor, as well.  Perfect for Cushing's/IR horses.  I looked at the German Horse Muffin Beet version but found it had molasses....the Beet E Bites were much better....expensive, but better.  Finding those treats (Beet E Bites) made administering medication MUCH easier!!!
Sue R in NC 2021