Overdose of Prascend

Vicky Canuso

This morning I gave my horse Truman his dose of 2 Prascend tablets only to find out the head groom gave him the same dose earlier.  Is there anything I can do to  counteract the overdose since it's so high?  If not should I give him the correct dose at the same time tomorrow or wait until 12:00 or later to give him the Prascend?

Please advise. Thank you!!
Vicky E, Canuso

member - 2017

Location - New York/Florida

Sherry Morse

Hi Vicky,

Don't panic.  He may have a bit of a veil or he may not show any signs at all.  Give him his dose tomorrow at the usual time.


And if you have APF, dose Truman today. When I'm worried about the veil, I go to the maximum dose.
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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