Overdose of Prascend


And if you have APF, dose Truman today. When I'm worried about the veil, I go to the maximum dose.
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Sherry Morse

Hi Vicky,

Don't panic.  He may have a bit of a veil or he may not show any signs at all.  Give him his dose tomorrow at the usual time.

Vicky Canuso

This morning I gave my horse Truman his dose of 2 Prascend tablets only to find out the head groom gave him the same dose earlier.  Is there anything I can do to  counteract the overdose since it's so high?  If not should I give him the correct dose at the same time tomorrow or wait until 12:00 or later to give him the Prascend?

Please advise. Thank you!!
Vicky E, Canuso

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