New Pics and Case History uploaded #photo-notice

Kirsten Rasmussen

Sounds like Montana is doing well and feeling good!   I'm glad the new diet suits her.

That said, her ACTH on July 6 was a bit higher than we'd like it to be at that time of year.  Generally, we aim to keep ACTH in the teens to low 20's year-round once PPID has been diagnosed.  You might want to consider increasing the Prascend through the seasonal rise, or having her ACTH checked on the current dose in late Sep/early Oct.

Kirsten and Shaku (IR + PPID) - 2019
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Karen Turner

Hello all!
I want to say a huge Thank You to this Group and it's moderators. You ladies (haven't seen any gents post responses yet) are an incredible group of people and I am so relieved to know that I am finally doing the best I can for Montana.  No more wondering and guessing.

I just added some photos of Montana's hooves after her trim and updated her Case History and uploaded that as well. I realized after I did it that I need to reshoot her L and R Laterals as they did not make the transition in pixel size very well.  I also need to add Dorsal of three other hooves as I thought I had taken them.

She is doing great on the Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes.  Her watery manure has corrected to normal and she was running and bucking the other day when I came back with the trailer and our other horse!! She is eating some soaked cubes with her Vita E gel cap, loose salt, and flax mixed in and I give her Prascend to her in a handful of small pieces of the same cubes. She gets cubes for treats, as do our other two now---they all love them!
Karen M and Montana Rose in TX 2021