Ughh!!! Pilgrim confirmed to have PPID

Suzanne and Pilgrim

So Pilgrim is showing level of ACTH from mid to late summer at 15.1 H.  pmol/L.  Not sure at all what this all means. My vet has suggested starting at 1/2 foil sealed tablet daily for 1 month and increase to full tablet with a recheck of ACTH levels in 3 months and 6 months after that unless otherwise needed. 

I will get around to updating my profile for Pilgrim. Just panicking a bit about this as it came as a surprise. Need quick tips for RX administration as Pilgrim is boarded at a barn and not under my direct care. I need to know how best to ensure the Pergolide is ingested properly to get best results. 





Sherry Morse

Hi Suzanne,

When exactly was the bloodwork done? Were he mine given that we are already in the fall rise period I would titrate him up to 1mg and keep him on that for at least the rise and then recheck his level while on the medication in January.  To titrate up you would want to do 1/4 of a tab for 3 days, 1/2 tab for 3 days, 3/4 of a tab for 3 days and then 1 tab.  You can retest in 3 weeks after reaching the target dose to see if it's effective if you choose to not wait until January. 

To be sure he gets the actual dosage he should be given the pill either by syringe with water or in a high value treat.  It should NOT be dumped in with supplements or grain and just assumed that it's being eaten.

Sue Ring

Hey Suzanne,

A product called Beet-E-Bites Equipockets works great for us.  My horse LOVES the peppermint and the apple flavors and they are manufactured specifically for IR/PPID horses so you know they are safe.
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Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Sherry,

Bloodwork was drawn on Sept 9…

Suzanne and Pilgrim
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I don't like Licorice myself, but had read that horses like it, so I ordered the Beet-e-Bites Pill Pouches in Licorice and my Icelandic just LOVES them!  After a couple of days of them, when I pulled the pouch out of the little bag, he grabbed at it and gobbled it down!!!

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Sherry Morse

So if you look at the Liphook chart ( for week 37 he's elevated but not a crazy amount.  I would still aim to get him up to the 1mg dose sooner than a month from now though and plan on restesting as mentioned earlier.