Question about Seasonal Rise Coat Changes

Sarah Orlofske

Hello All, 

I know I have to update my case history from our bloodwork in July, but it has been grueling at work and promise I will catch up soon - hopefully this weekend! But I have a question I am hoping to get some help with for Bullitt and Kate. 

This is our first year monitoring for the seasonal rise. We had blood work in late July. Kate was at 50.4 pg/mL ACTH (Ref 2-35)  and Bullitt was at 32.4. Both were on 1 tab of Prascend. After the recommendations I received here, I gradually got them up to 1.5 tablets for Bullitt and 2 for Kate. I believe things are going well over all with their health, especially Kate who shows many more symptoms than Bullitt and those are now under control. However, Bullitt has never had any issues shedding out despite probably being PPID for a while. Kate has all kinds of shedding problems and we had to shave her this spring. Now I have noticed Bullitt is not growing in his winter coat at all and Kate has been, although it it is not outrageously wooly like it has been in the past. I am just looking to see what is "normal". We have really bad winters here and I am concerned about him not growing a thick of enough coat? Since this is our first year with them on Prascend I don't have a good baseline. Is it possible that Bullitt still needs to move up to a higher dose or is the dose too high and preventing the coat from growing in? Or is Kate needing a higher dose if she is growing in winter coat too early? These are our only two horses and I have been "trained" that minis typically look like sheep in the winter, so maybe I am just not used to what a "normal" winter coat is? 

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated as always! 
Sarah O. 
Rudolph, WI