ivermectin price increase?

LJ Friedman

Looks like my supplier of ivermectin at two dollars a tube has gone up to nine dollars a tube assuming because of Covid. Does anyone have a affordable source  for the ivermectin tubes we buy
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Sherry Morse

As I'm sure you've noticed ivermectin is now being labeled as not for human consumption and is out of stock in many places.  If you don't have a supply on hand you'll be paying more for quite a while now.  $9 is actually cheaper than it used to be.

ferne fedeli

I had been meaning to check the Ivermectin prices and your post reminded me, LJ...  Anyway, I usually get Durvet brand from Amazon and I paid $17.95 last November for a 3-pack and it is now $62.86 for the same 3-pack!!!  Good heavens!  Well, hopefully by next time I need to give it, the idiots of the world will have decided it isn't going to save them from Covid and the prices will come back down...


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LJ Friedman

i was paying $2.50 each amazon 
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

On Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 10:47 PM, ferne fedeli wrote:
Well, hopefully by next time I need to give it, the idiots of the world will have decided it isn't going to save them from Covid and the prices will come back down...
We can only hope...
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I just paid $5.99 at Tractor Supply. 

Linda K.
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My local Tractor Supply is completely out of all Ivermectin paste. Many sites on line are out of stock also. I was able to purchase tubes of Durvet Ivermectin at a local lumber yard/feed store that has a small corner of the store with shelves carrying livestock supplies. I paid $7.99 a tube for it. I also bought Equimax and it was....$16.97 a  tube.  Zimecterin and Ivercare are made in the USA, and have always been more expensive. I see online TSC Zimecterin is now $8.99 a tube. Ivercare from Schneiders online is $6.99 but it is out of stock. Prices are not going to come down, IMO, because the costs along the entire production and delivery process have gone up and will stay up. 

The days of $1.99 Ivermectin if you buy $50 of items from online are most likely well behind us.
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Bobbie Day

I had to go to the big city today for supplies and thought about this thread, last time I came over (about six weeks ago) I saw all the signage and thought I ought to stock up (but didn’t) but behind me in the checkout (TS) a man in a Hawaiian shirt probably bought ten tubes, trust me he was not a horse owner. Got home and immediately ordered mine from valley vet , I don’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t two dollars a tube . I got mine just fine but today when I came over all TS had was the huge cattle size ones and they were locked up.
The girl up front told me they are a good four months out here. Man now I wished that I had bought several tubes to share, I’m not sure if my vet can get it but unless he had a stock I’m guessing not.
This is crazy and maddening, I wonder how many horses will be doing without.

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Maxine McArthur

So if any of you US owners have ivermectin stocked up, now is the time to mark it up to $100s per tube on eBay and earn some pergolide money! (Just kidding … maybe)
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AC Diehl

The prices always fluctuated over the year in a pattern I noticed over several years, so when it went on sale - usually in Spring- I would buy my year's supply (my horse has Onchocerca so needs more than the usual doses of Ivermectin to control the microfilia and control the Sweet Itch/Summer Sores- and it works great when I keep ahead of it). I have always dreaded shopping in general- in person and online- so always preferred to get my year's supply of shelf stable supplies in one transaction  😉

So these increases now are typical to what I have seen in past years...only the future will tell if it will fluctuate lower as in previous years.

My local feedstore keeps a supply off the shelf for their long time customers. $7.99 for IverMax I picked up for a friend early September. Just had to ask at the counter.

Also one of the local Walmarts has livestock feeds/supplies and had a large supply (and strange no signs regarding not for human consumption like at the feed stores...) Ivermectin at $10.99/tube (saw that earlier this week during my 2x monthly grocery shopping).

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Lorna Cane

Liquid Ivermectin can be less expensive than the tubes. Google brings up various sources.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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Sharon Manning

Lorna and group,
All I have been able to find in my area is the Liquid Ivermectin 1% solution, a Durvet product for swine and cattle. Many years ago I used this product with a mare that could wad up and spit paste out. However, I can not remember how to calculate the dosage. Would some one be so kind as to help me? I would draw it up into a syringe and squirt it into her mouth. Never had anymore deworming problems after that. So, Im thinking with the shortage this is my way. If its 1% would it just be 1mL per 100 lbs BW? On the box it is 1 mL for 110 lbs BW for cattle and 1 mL for 75 lbs BW for swine. Doesn't give the equine or human dose. (lol)

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Hi, Sharon. 
Sorry, I know nothing about using cattle and swine liquid ivermectin in horses.
Can you find moxidectin? It's certainly as good as ivermectin paste, tho less tasty.
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Joy V

FWIW I found ivermectin online on several horse websites, with no markup to the price.  Most recently I found it on riding warehouse.

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Like Joy, I’ve been able to find it online, although I haven’t looked recently.  Could you ask your vet your question about the injectable?  I’m old enough to remember when we switched from tube deworming, not paste but through a tube into the stomach, to injectable ivermectin.  Although the vet did the injecting, the trauma of the deworming process was greatly reduced.  I don’t recall if there were associated risks.  We were just so thrilled not to have to do the tubing process any longer.
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Hi Sharon,
I have been using the Durvet Ivermectin 1% for many years, and always do the 1ml per 100lb orally. It matches the equivalent dose of the horse paste if you do the conversion. 
Naomi D, AB Canada, 2021