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I have a question for Dr Kellon. I have done extensive research on CBD and am a true fan. I take it and my horses do too. My question is about CBD, Dopamine and Cushings. My understanding of CBD comes from research as to why it appears to work so well for ADHD, PTSD, etc.  The answer I found is people experiencing these disorders have dopamine blocked from getting through normal pathways into the brain thereby are unable to experience happiness and feel good. CBD opens the pathways to allow the dopamine to follow them as intended, thus allowing one to experience happiness and feel good. 

In reading some of the files in this group I read where dopamine plays a critical role in Cushings. I am not a Medicsl professional so may not be using the correct words but I hope you understand where I am headed. This begs me to ask in the case of a Cushings horse is CBD beneficial? Could I by giving Chicy CBD have created a situation where too much dopamine made it to her pituitary gland?
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In ADHD, PTSD, seizures, etc. it's not a matter of flow being blocked per se but rather an imbalance in the production of neurotransmitters.

CBD actually reduces dopamine effects.

PPID isn't a problem with too much dopamine. It's too little. There's no evidence that CBD could actually cause this in a normal individual but it might have a significant effect in one that is already abnormal.  CBD does bind to dopamine receptors, just like pergolide, but it blocks the effects of dopamine. I wouldn't give it to a PPID horse.
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Dr Kellon, what signs would you expect to see if CBD was causing a problem? My horse has melanomas for which I have been brewing my own cannabis oil - I have not tested it so I don't really know the levels of cannaboids, thc, etc it contains. He also has the bone chips in his front ankle, which I believe the oil is helping with pain. He is PPID & ACTH was normal this spring on 1 tab of Prascend. Thank you!
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