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Hi I’m ready to start updating info in Pilgrim’s file. I haven’t looked at it for close to 2 years. I don’t want to complicate my life or anybody else’s at ECIR.
Where do I start?  I only have a readable PDF form on my Mac computer…
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Hi Suzanne,
You can’t directly update your pdf as it’s more like a photo of your document.  You really need the word processing document.  Fortunately, there are ways to translate the pdf back to Word, which can be opened on your Mac with Pages.  If you want to give it a try, look for a free online PDF to Word converter.  The outputs are not consistently accurate.  I did this for someone else recently and found I already had a suitable app for doing that so I’d be happy to give it a try for you as well.  I can copy your pdf in your folder, convert it and send it to you directly if you like.  If the end result is usable, be sure to save it on your computer for next time.  I have a folder on my hard drive labeled ECIR and numerous folders inside it.
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Hi Suzanne,

If you didn't keep an editable form on your device you're going to have to start over and create a new case history form for Pilgrim.  Sorry.

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There are programs you can purchase to edit pdf form that are not as expensive as Adobe, but you will have to convert to from pdf format to an editable version or have a pdf editor.

My phone allowed me to download a pdf and "save as"  a .doc file but some formatting was a little skewed.

You can also search your hard drive for the original .doc version that you created prior to saving as a .pdf file.

Hope that helps.
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