Where to add info on hay analysis and how to find my case history to add in blood work results and a few more questions

Dancer's Mom

HI!  Please let me know where I can add in our new hay analysis.  The barn owner says I don't have to soak hay with this new shipment of hay, but I need someone official to tell me if I still need to soak my hay or not.  And, I need to add in Dancer's blood work results to her case history but struggling on how to find it and how to revise with most recent info.  Also, Dancer's over due for vaccines and need to know when it's ok to update the vaccines.  And, if I can give her Sand Clear or what type of product like that, can I give her.  Thank you in advance for your info.  I'm really stuck .  Thanks so much.  Sincerely, Patti and Dancer
Northern California 2021

Sherry Morse

Hi Patti,

As always, if it's a PDF it goes in your case history file.  If it's a JPG it goes in your photo album.  Was the test done via wet chem or NIR?  You need to update the version of the case history you saved on your device although since you uploaded a word doc and not a PDF you can download the word doc in your case history folder to update it (I would recommend saving it as the current version and then saving an updated version on your device). Once you update the Word document you should save it as a PDF and then upload the PDF to your case history folder.

Why are you wanting to use Sand Clear?

Dancer's Mom

The hay analysis was done via wet chem. I’ll try to update Dancer’s case history with your suggestions. Thank you for that. 

Also, I was going to use Sand Clear or a product like it, to aid in fecal sand removal. I usually give that type of product to Dancer once a month. But since she has EMS and is IR and has Cushings, now, I wanted to check with you to see if it’s ok to do that. 

Thank you so much.