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Hi Mary and all --

I was afraid this would go missing, so I am pulling it out of Jessica's thread.  I hope to illustrate why we ask everyone to change the topic as the thread veers to another question.  No reflection on you Mary. We have gotten lax in requesting topic changes. Just don't want this important consideration to get lost.

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Mary wrote:

I have a questions about varying levels of ACTH, can that also influence baseline insulin levels? If baseline ACTH is wnl, would that correspond with possible lower levels of Insulin? And when ACTH levels are higher, could that correspond with higher baseline insulin levels? 
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Hi Mary,
I had posted this on the old thread in response to your question.  Then the new thread was started so I’m moving it here.

Hi Mary,
If insulin is elevated as a result of elevated ACTH, I would not consider it ‘baseline’.  Some PPID horses have elevated insulin when their ACTH is elevated but some do not.  Hope that answers your question but it’s possible I misunderstood.
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