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In the latest issue of Equus magazine, there was an article about using wheat straw for up to 50% of a horse's diet to help with weight control.  It was aimed at overweight horses to help prevent laminitis or other problems.  My vet has suggested wheat straw for my PPID/IR horse who has been overweight for a big part of her life and who has been free fed for the last 4 or 5 years because she is prone to colic.  In the article they discuss all the benefits, the nutrition factors and suggest there is no reason not to.  They also suggested that not all straw is the same and that some may not be as low in "WSC" .
I'd truly love a tool that could help me help her lose weight but I've resisted feeding straw because I am concerned that it could cause an impaction, especially in a horse whose dorsal displacement never fully corrected itself after 2 colics.
I would love some input if anyone has good information.

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Here is a interesting article from Dr. Kellon
I’ve really never understood why anyone recommends straw for food.

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I saw the same article but figured there was more to the story. Thank you Dr. Kellon for filling in the rest of the information!. 
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Thank you Dr K and All... So glad I never tried it and now I never will.
Linda in CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara