Unsweetened applesauce (2TBSP daily)

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Laura,
Thank you. Another possible tempted to add to my list. Very appreciated.


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Baby food peas was another option recommended to me in a similar situation. 

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That's OK.
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Suzanne and Pilgrim


So Pilgrim is off his supplements (which includes his INSULIN WISE) which does work for him. I’ve tried adding a a mix of  (fenugreek Stabul 1 pellets, ODTC bits and black sunflower seeds). He cannot be tempted. He will eat everything separately (flax, salt, magnesium sulfate)  but not the INSULIN WISE. I tried using about 1/4 Hoffman’s BalancIR  He will pick around but not go in the supplements where I have put more of the Hoffman’s feed.   

Today he took it with 2tbsp unsweetened applesauce. Can I give him this daily or is that too much sugar?