Ambient temp / accurate serum insulin?


Quick question:  what temp threshold does group consider it useless to draw serum insulin levels (for monitoring of stable post-laminitic horse)?  

My two PPID/IRs doing very well; one had his severe laminitic bout last week of Februrary, 2021, so Im anxious to resume serum insulin checks.  Im an LVT and check his levels monthly since his acute episode, but had to suspend late fall when NY temps went below 30F consistently.  We are having a run of daytime 40Fs this week and wondering if that’s “worth” sending out a sample.  His ACTH have not been reliable for monitoring, although his insulin mirrors clinical symps extremely well.  

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

Sherry Morse

Temperatures under 50 will cause elevations in insulin levels.


Dang, ok.  Much appreciated!
Thank you