Question about what minerals to buy and where


--Hello Everyone,
I am so thankful for all your guidance.  My Gracie is getting so much better and that makes me so very happy.  I have a few questions.  I will be getting a new delivery of hay tomorrow.  I have never had hay tested before.  I want to be ready for when I get the results back.   I have bought to tool to get the hay samples and the bag to ship it in.  Now I am wondering what minerals and vitamins I need to buy so I will be ready when I get the hay analysis back?   I have the things in the emergency diet... the flax, salt, vitamin E and magnesium but I know there's more I need.  Also where do most of you buy them from?

Thanks for your help! Angela

Angela B Cave Creek Arizona 20222 

Sherry Morse

Hi Angela,

Once you get your hay test results back you'll want to contact one of the hay balancers on this list: to assist you with balancing the minerals.  Depending on what you need to balance the hay will help determine what you will buy and from what source.