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Ann Conn

Who sells the most palatable copper ad/or zinc, 
preferably pellets?  He generally doesn't like powders. I tried both from California Trace then 
from Uckele without success. Cannot imagine what would get him to eat it, but currently he isn't eating anything except giant Bermuda from California. No TC naturals balanced cubes with CA trace plus and flax, etc. I am getting his pergolide down, but no supplements/minerals. I'm hoping it's because he's been on ulcer meds for a month and now that's over
he'll go back to eating other stuff, but that doesn't solve the copper/zinc problem. 
Any suggestions appreciated. 
Ann Conn and Azeem
central Texas.  2016





Hi, Ann,
Are you saying you tried Uckele Poly Copper Pellets and Poly Zinc Pellets without success? Uckele Poly Copper Pellets and PolyZinc Pellets and California Trace are the most palatable trace minerals I know. 

Getting him to eat the carrier all by itself is your obvious first step. Have you tried Nuzu Stabul1 as a carrier? RSR beet pulp + Stabul 1? ODTBC + Stabul1? Did you try just a teaspoon of the pellets in a carrier your horse will eat and gradually increase the minerals? 

I had to divide my ulcer-prone Diamond's daily minerals in half for a couple of months. I gave her ¼  in the morning and ¼ in the afternoon. Eventually I tapped into a carrier that she ate. When I started feeding my other horse RSR Beet Pulp, I was shocked to find that Diamond wanted BP too. Her weight isn't a problem, so she now gets a pound of BP with two cups of Stabul1 in the evening with her minerals. 

Getting the ulcers treated should make this easier. FWIW, I continued to treat Diamond for ulcers for about 2 ½ months to try to make sure they were healed. Even so, I had to treat her a second time about 6 months later. 

Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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Frances C

I too would like suggestions on how to get zinc and copper into my horse. I originally got Ukelele poly copper and zinc for Phoenix (a picky eater). Even starting with just a pinch of the stuff made her turn up her nose at her feed. So I gave up on this and it sat on the shelf. Along comes second horse, Blackbird, on obvious need of zinc/copper. (see stupid questions thread on obvious need). So started off again with just a pinch. She (a greedy eater) left her feed. Next step was to encapsulate appropriate amounts in capsules of the Ukelele product. I guess she smashed a capsule with her teeth as she turned to the metal panel grasped it firmly and shook the hell out of it. OK - nix on the capsule idea. Now looking at increasing via natural forms - not minerals - For zinc I have purchased human tabs as follows:
Solaray amino acid chelate ZINC COPPER with kelp and pumkin seed zinc. 50 mg. Copper 2 mg
Zahler Zinc Lozenges - Bioactive Zinc and Elderberry - zinc 25 mg Elderberry 100 mg.
Thompson  - zinc 50 mg.
If I administer 3 tabs of the Thompson and 1 each of the Zahler and Solaray that would be 225 mg of zinc. - I have not tried this yet because I cant find anything for the copper. Also everything seems to have a lot of iron in it. I did start with adding a little bit of spirulina, a teaspoon at a time to see if she will accept it. What suggestions does anyone have?
- Frances C.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Make a paste of it with oil and syringe in right before feeding. After 2 days, start adding to her feed (she'll have the taste in her mouth).
Eleanor in PA 
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Ann Conn

Now thinking I'll try Uckele products again and go very slowly with it. He has always loved the Timothy balance cubes and California Trace Plus until recently, but ate some of both yesterday, so we'll see. I did try Stabul 1, years ago, and he ate it for two weeks or so, but once he decided it wasn't any good, that was it, period...NO...I told you it's bad and I'm NOT going to eat it.
I've never considered RSR beet pulp because of how hard it would be for me to properly prepare. But appreciate all the options.
A note about AVRIO. Spoke with one person yesterday and got some prices. Spoke with different person today to confirm script my vet had called in and price was $36.00 more than yesterday's
quote. So I told him that and he put me on hold and came back to say other guy's price quote was correct and my cost would be $36.00 less than what he'd told me two minutes before. I don't know how others might get the best possible price. Wish there was a way to compare costs among members for a variety of doses, quantity, etc. It makes a difference for older, fixed income folks.
Ann Conn and Azeem
Central Texas. 2016


Hi Ann,
With supplements my horses curl their lips at, I sprinkle a bit on their hay.  I’ve never had them refuse their hay.  Not all of it will stick, so I leave the carrier dish underneath to catch the portion that drops.  I haven’t had to do this with the Uckele copper and zinc but definitely salt and one other mineral.
Martha in Vermont
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I sprinkle Copper/Zinc on my mare's hay in her hay pillow and sprinkle loose salt in a bucket of dampened hay. No refusals.


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