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Sherry Morse

Hi Joy,

Thanks for getting those photos up!  Were she mine I'd want to see her trimmer for sure but she's not what I would consider an 8.  I'd put her at a 6+ but she's not quite pushing a 7 based on the pictures so that's a good thing. for a visual guide to body scoring may be helpful.  

For arguments sake I'd feed her as if you want her to be 1000lbs as an ideal weight so no pasture time without a closed muzzle, no alfalfa hay and cut back on the concentrates.  I'm not sure why I typed 18lbs the other day - 2% of 1000 would be 20lbs a day max but you may need to tweak that down if she's not losing weight on that amount. Also, no Himalyan salt as the color comes from impurities like iron which Emmy definitely does not need.  

I'm curious to see where her ACTH tests on the increased dosage (which she definitely needed) and also where her insulin falls with increased exercise and a tighter diet.


Just uploaded recent pics.  Sorry had not done so sooner, recall trying quite some time ago but due to poor rural Internet service it was taking an inordinate amount of time, then, of course, I forgot all about it until I saw this post.  LOL.

Joy and Emmy
WI, Feb 2019

Sherry Morse

No worries Ellen.  She doesn't look terribly overweight in her 2018 photo but we don't have a weight to go with that year.  It would be helpful to have a current photo to go with the current weight to help with the 'what is her ideal weight' question as that plays into not just how much she has to lose to get there but also how much she should be eating right now.


 I think in the original post you made a comment about her size/weight.  Judging by the 3-4 year old single photo, I didn't think the two went together ;)

Tried to go back to that original message, but I've lost it ... sorry.

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Sherry Morse

Hi Ellen,

Not sure why you felt this needed a private reply but you are correct, there is only one photo in Emmy's album here: We hope that people do only create one album and keep all their photos in that album and a quick search reveals that there is only one album for Joy and Emmy.

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, 08:12:35 AM EDT, Ellen Allen <h2odogs@...> wrote:

I was looking for a photo album for Emmy/Joy, and only see one photo from 3 or four years ago.  Are there others?

Ellen Allen
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