Is there safe foraging in a Paradise Paddock?


Hello!  I'm moving my crew of 6 to a new property and planning for a track system based on the "paradise Paddock" methodology.  
-im in the planning phase. Part of my track could run through the forest, not much in the way of grass but lots of trees leaves and bushes that would I'm sure be consumed.   

Is this a safe idea for an IR horse, ....would a muzzle be required? 

I don’t have to build thru the woods, and apologies my question may seem a bit uneducated…..I just was not sure if any greenery is safe in the woods. 

 Thank you!

Stirling, Ontario
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Sherry Morse

This is a question for the Horsekeeping group (where you can do a search on "Paddock Paradise" or "Track System" and get a ton of advice and answers) but the short answer is you will still need to muzzle any IR horse on a track that has any grass or greenery that can be eaten.  You can have a look at Katrina's last note about Tartine who lives on a track and is muzzled 24/7 except for her bucket feed.  She's been a struggle to get controlled and she's doing well muzzled and in heavy work.