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Sue Shaner

Just a brief update on Ruby, and then a new question. She has been on Phyto Quench, one scoop per day, and off of Bute for a good 6 weeks, and  is doing very well. I grind it with her flaxseed, salt, magnesium oxide, and natural vitamin E oil everyday. We are still soaking orchard Grass, but have found a source for lovely Timothy Hay that should be available year-round. Is Timothy always safe, or should I still have it tested?
Her activity level has increased, and she seems really excited to go for longer hand walks. She has been in Wood clogs for about 6 weeks, with trims at 4 weeks. We have a very knowledgeable farrier now, who has been able to work well with the new vet and ECIR guidelines.
The newest vet is a holistic practitioner. She discovered that Ruby had actually torn a left abdominal muscle when she had been cast in early January. The three vets before her did not discover that. I am assuming that was a big reason why Ruby did so much better on Bute. It no doubt actually helped with the pain from that muscle tear. It has healed, but in a torn position, so we are rehabbing for that.
We will be transporting Ruby about 2 and 1/2 hours on Thursday, to our new home. My question is, should I increase her Phyto Quench dose for that, or leave everything as it is? Thank you again for all that you do.
Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

There is NO hay that is always safe! You need to test. No benefit from increasing her PQ but I would stop every hour to unload and walk her around, offer water.
Eleanor in PA

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I’m sure you won’t have time before the move, but for future reference. You can order Coconut Mats for your trailer. They are so squishy and comfortable I wish I could stand on them all day. They really help my old guys when trailering and they are less slippery than runner flooring an traditional trailer mats. 

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