Cayuse's latest rads are uploaded - measurements added

Nancy C

Totally agree regarding cooperation. They know when you are trying to help them. Beau would always give me the foot he wanted me to work on first. His relief was palpable.

Good work Cass. Hugs to Cayuse.
Nancy C in NH
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The exaggerated weight bearing in the 5-3 film makes it look like there was more bony rotation there but there wasn't really. Rotation about the same. Higher palmar angle now (not too high) and certainly no worsening.  Ground clearance/sole depth about the same. Toe can come back a bit but you may have already done that.

There is enough heel now to take a swipe or two over the heels, just nothing else anywhere else on the bottom of the foot.
Eleanor in PA 
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I uploaded the measurements supplied by my vets that compare the two sets of May 2022 radiographs in the Photo Album. The  solar angle on the LF especially is steeper.  If I put the two rads side by side, I can see what they mean.
Should I rasp a tiny ramp at the heels or leave it for my trimmer in 2 weeks? I'm sure she's not wearing her heels the usual way, given her heavy nap schedule.

For those of us new at picking up a rasp with a laminitic horse, I want to say I underestimated how cooperative my horse can be when she's uncomfortable. Yesterday I was able rasp the breakover on both fronts. She was patient and helpful compared to her impatient normal self who expects it to be done in a snap. I'll work for a 45° angle with no toe shortening except for a couple of strokes to keep the hooves fitting in the boots.
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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