Highly Recommend Best Harvest Hay Sample Probe for 3/8" Drills

ferne fedeli

Cass Bernstein recommended this Hay Probe to me recently and so I bought one and really like it.  I just got a new small batch of hay and easily sampled each bale all by myself!!!  I must emphasize that you need an electric drill that plugs into the wall for use--battery powered drills do not have enough power.  It is made for a 3/8" drill, which is the usual household size that most people have.  Here is the link, if any of you are interested:


Ferne Fedeli  Magic & Jack   2007

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Glad you got a hay probe.   That's the brand I bought about 6-7 years ago.  It's still doing the job.   I do take samples from fields and crawling up big stacks or ladders to get a good sample, so a battery drill is required.  At first I used (which was old to begin with) an 18 volt battery drill and then a 20 volt.   A fully charged battery is required.  However, with really a tight bale, it can get harder to core as deep as I'd like.
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