Laminitis still not under control


I’ve been trying so hard with Eli’s laminitis and I still can’t get things under control. I’ve changed his diet - I’ve changed his meds - etc. and his feet were still hot tonight.

And I noticed that someone had dumped his evening meal contents and Metformin powder in a pile on top of the wet Tc cubes.  He must have smelled it or something and he decided he didn’t want to eat any of it.  He’s a picky eater (maybe he hasn’t even been getting his Metformin).  Is there anything I can mix in with it to make it taste better?  

Mary E in Wi 2021

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Mary,

First most obvious thing is that ACTH is too high for this time of year.  You need to increase pergolide until it ACTH no higher than the low 20s.

Second, it's possible the Metformin isn't getting in to him, or that it's no longer effective.  It's best to syringe it in, then follow that with a big rinse of water do there's no Metformin residue left on the mouth tissues. 

Your Case History is missing start dates for these meds. 

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