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Hello all!
I have been using Uckele EQI VM as a forage balancer as directed by Dr Kellon. Since it is a powder, my pony seems to leave a good amount behind in his feed bowl. I use it as top dressing for Stabul 1 and wet it lightly to stick but still seeing lots left behind.
Has anyone had success with dissolving the Equi-VM in water and applying it to hay ration? I have not had success with adding salt unless I dissolve in water and apply to hay.
All ideas welcome!
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Jean. I would just try mixing it with water and adding it to the hay and just observe to see what happens. Depending on how much powder is left on the bottom, did  you try adding slightly more water to get it to stick to more of the food? or you could add slightly more food for the dampened minerals to stick to....?
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Jean you can use Guar Gum to thicken liquids to something that is a consistency of syrup. You can also flavor it with a "better" taste like peppermint oil. Perhaps this would help make your supplement stick to the hay or pellets.

You can find Guar Gum on Amazon or at "Heath Food" stores. 

Another alternative is mixing a supplement or medication into the "syrup" and administer it orally via a large oral syringe. There are oral syringes available for sale at online  Vet Supply stores.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Another alternative is to spray to bucket meal and/or the hay with PAM olive oil to get the minerals to stick, or mix in 2 oz of CocoSoya with the minerals.
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I reconstitute the Stabul 1 to make it fluffy-1:1 with water, & wait 15-20” & stir in all supplements, Equi VM included. My 2 lick their basins clean!

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