Searching for low S/s hay


Does anyone have a source for low sugar and low starch grass hay in Northern California or in Oregon?
We are struggling to find appropriate hay and I hate using so much water during a drought. 

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Hey Terri, my go to has been Finta Enterprises and Byron Feed.

I bought the past stack of meadow grass at finta in March, but they should have some more I hope.  I can find out as I need to pick up some from my stack this week. 

Byron had a blue grass that had a smidgen of alf.  

Both weren't super low, the hay tests from last year should be in my folder.
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Hi Terri,

There's a guy in Cottonwood, CA (about 3 hours from you) that had good hay last fall.  I'm feeding some of his hay currently.  You have to go pick it up though and arrange to stack it yourself.  Let me know if you want his contact info.


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Terri, Ferne is an active member closest to you but still a long way from Arcata. I've forwarded your inquiry to her. She may have a lead. I hope you can hold tight for several weeks because the second cut orchard grass should be in. 
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You might try calling Alturus Ranches.   In Likely CA. A friend of mine on this list has bought and tested hay from them.  

1760 Lyneta Road Ext, Likely, CA 96116

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Terri, Cass asked me to give you my hay info, but I imagine you are hoping to find something closer to home.  I get my hay from Flying S Ranch Sales in Redwood Valley.  Their number is 707-485-8156 and home 707-485-5678.  What I like about them is that they test their hay (601, of course) so that you know pretty much whether it is safe or not.  I usually retest it (603) just to be sure Esc & starch is okay...  Probably WAY too far for you to drive and they wouldn't deliver that far north I don't expect.

They expect to have some Meadow Grass in soon after the first of July.  I just got 10 bales there to tide me over and it about cleaned them out, so doubt if they have any hay at all at the moment...  Hay is really going to be a nightmare this year!  I also sometimes get some Meadow Grass from Highway 20 Feed in Fort Bragg, but they won't have anything in until first part of July either...


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Flying S Hay Sales in Redwood Valley, CA has low S/s hay.  He buys hay up in the Klamath Falls area and he tests ALL his hay.  
Maybe he can deliver. Jim's number is 707-485-8156
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