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Hi, this is my first year experiencing this and based on my history with the enigma unicorn  known as Vinnie, I just want to be as proactive vs reactive as possible.

I had to body clip Vinnie this year about a month ago because he didn't shed and wr have had some really warm Temps.  Last acth was well controlled at 15.3, but... he has been on a steady increase of pergolide over the last few months to get him at that number. 

In the last week I noticed he started growing coat again, and I am on alert.

How normal is this considering where he is with his ppid mgmt?  Do I worry and add more pergolide?  I would say the only other symptoms has been hyperreactivity to mosquitoes but that has been happening since about 2018.  Maybe a tad more footy than usual.  

He is on 6.6mg pergolide and 200mg invokana. Side note--He is eating well and up to 12 cups dry weight beet pulp with his l carnitine and pea protein.

We are going to do a TRH stim next week with TG and insulin (was supposed to be this week but it got rescheduled)
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Sadly, Nancy, what you describe has been normal for my three PPID horses. With good control, mine tend to shed late, but they do shed that awful Cushings coat. But they never shed out slick, and their coats have all remained heavier than normal. Weather depending, I've body clipped them for the first hot days in March-April, again in early summer and a third time in late summer/early fall. I've just bib clipped Cayuse and will do more to keep her comfortable.
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-- There was something posted on horse.com that there was success with the blue light shining into the eye. I wasn’t that excited about it. Clipping once a month is fine for me
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I too read that article. The device is sold by EquiLume.com.  
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This is the abstract of the original article https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0739724021000485 .  There is also a year-long study underway.  There was no change in ACTH. I didn't bother buying the whole article because the word "significantly" was missing before lighter. This means no statistically significant difference.
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