hay analysis

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Yvonne,

You want to add the ESC + starch numbers in the As Fed column of the hay test. That result needs to be under 10% for EMS/IR individuals.

All hay lacks copper and zinc - by how much is an  known without an analysis. If you upload the analysis to your case history folder, then post here with a request for someone to take look, we can give you some general information. There is a list of people in the Files who are trained to do the actual mineral balancing:


You can contact anyone on that list for help with your specific hay.

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Lorna Cane

Hi Yvonne,

I think you had your hay tested in March ?
The esc number on that test is the one you want.
We also look at the starch number,which should be there as well.
There are people here skilled in balancing hay,if you are looking for someone to do that for you.

Go to our Files,scroll down to 6....Hay Balancing.Scroll down to list of hay balancers.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Sherry Morse

Hi Yvonne,

You need to look at the ESC and Starch numbers.  If you want assistance balancing your hay there is a list of people who are trained to do this in our files - https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/files/6%20Diet%20Balancing/HAY%20BALANCING-1.pdf 


what numbers do you look at to get the sugar content in the hay.  also is anyone able to understand what hay is lacking in?  Thank you 
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