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Michele Lane

Hello, about five years ago I had a person through your group that helped me analyze my hay and balance it for my insulin resistant horse. Is there anyway that you can look up on record and see who was helping me? Its been five years but my horse it has some metabolic upset and I am testing my new hay. 

My name is Michele Lane and horse is Big Mac
Michele lane


Hi, Michele. You apparently aren't receiving or reading messages sent to this new email address. I'll repeat what I told you a week ago. I found your old messages posted under the email noonehorsegal at The moderator who helped you then, Maggie, has retired as a volunteer. I hope one of current crew of volunteers can help you out. Your case history folder is:

To find a hay balancer, contact anyone on this list:

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We volunteers appreciate your help with this.
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Maxine McArthur

Michele, it might be worth checking your Spam folder as occasionally I’ve had messages from the group end up there. 
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