Is it too late in the season for TRH-response test?


HI all. We had been scheduled earlier to get the TRH-response test  but the appt got rescheduled. Then there was a vet emergency and got rescheduled again. Vet was out today and I thought we were doing the test but apparently some miscommunication re which tests were supposed to be done. In any case, is it too late in the season to do this test or should I get it done ASAP? I realize a pos may not be reliable but a neg I was thinking would be good info.

Sparkles is doing excellent. Back to her normal self ... cantering daily around the track.



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Sherry Morse

Hi Jen,

From January to June TRH stim testing is ok but now that we're past the solstice the general advice is: 

TRH stimulation testing can only be used to identify negative cases in these months due to many false positives

How much wiggle room you have as it's 'just' into July I'm not sure about, but Dr. Kellon might be able to comment.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

We have this detailed study as a guide to seasonal changes in that test . Unfortunately they only used nine horses but it's a start. I would do it ASAP. It would be a really good idea to do a Lyme Multiplex too. That tends to flare during the seasonal rise.
Eleanor in PA 
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