Nominating Dr Kellon and Re: How to say "thank-you". Please help.


Nancy, thank you so much for posting this wonderful way to pay tribute to Dr Kellon. She is truly an amazing veterinarian who so generously shares her time and expertise so that our horses can enjoy longer and healthier lives. Needless to say I did vote. Can you imagine how many votes Dr Kellon would receive if all the horses who reaped the benefits of  Dr Kellon's wisdom and generosity were able to cast their vote? Do you when the nomination process will be closed?  
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Nancy C

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Nominations for this award may continue to be submitted through July and August.  Three vets will be chosen each month as finalists with the "grind prize winner" chosen and honored at the AAEP conference in TX later in the year.


Thanks for voting!  Share with others pretty please!

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Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

I voted as well. I couldn't tell from the website if we would be notified. Anyone know? Just curious. 
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I tried to vote, but asked for Dr. Kellons phone number and I don’t have it. Wouldn’t take the vote…..

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

My phone number is 717-484-2946. I'm not sure how this whole thing works but you may need to vote in June, July and August. I'm not after the reward - just want to let the AAEP we're out there!
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Now I have to find the ballot again….eeks, I’m losing it! LOL

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