need advice for managing PPID


I have been a horse owner for 21 years. Currently I have two horses, Dakota, a Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding (23) and Bee, a Rocky Mountain Horse Mare (14). I have owned and loved Dakota for 13 years and Bee for 1 year. Bee came to me lame with suspected IR, I have managed her diet and had regular trims and she is currently doing well and ready to start riding. Dakota did not shed out as well as previous years this year and was getting overheated just standing around his paddock and in the stall with a fan. When the vet came to give shots I asked her if he should be tested for PPID and she thought he "looked like a typical Cushings horse" (she is new to the vet practice I use, so had not examined him prior to 6-15-22) so she drew a blood sample. The results came back at 38.4 pg/ml.  She said they don't like to see the numbers go over 30, but I had the option of doing one of 3 things....1. wait and retest again next year since it wasn't too far over their preferred range, ...2. put him on prascend now, or ...3. do another test that was more sensitive, but we would have to take a sample and test within the following 2 weeks.  Since then I have clipped his hair to make him more comfortable, but have not decided definitely the route I will take to address the root of the problem, PPID. I have been looking through much of your website, trying to glean knowledge of this condition but of course I haven't seen everything and to tell you the truth I'm feeling very overwhelmed at possibility that I may make the wrong decision. I have ruled out the 2nd test at least. The weekend after the vet was here, I contracted COVID, so have been trying to manage my own illness (and my husband's) and trying to keep up with horse chores. My two week time frame elapsed. I'm not sure that I really needed to do it anyway though. If his numbers were over 30, I assume that means he has PPID, right? Also, in looking over some of the messages on this site it appears that this group doesn't observe the same range, rather wanting the numbers to be in the 20's. If this is the case, I feel I should be treating him. A friend has mentioned using Chaste tree berry rather than Prescend and have him retested in the Spring to see if it has helped. I am desperate for advice from someone who has practical experience in dealing with PPID and that is why I joined this hope of answers that will help me to decide the best course of action for my boy.  I am willing to make diet changes as well and welcome any feedback (no pun intended ; )  in that area as well. Would also welcome mineral balancing with my hay if necessary.  I have had great difficulty trying to navigate this site and hope that this is the next step to getting some advice. I have uploaded files with the lab results, my hay analysis, and pictures of my boy as well as filled out the case history. (I assume someone can access that from the site? ) He has always been "chubby" and started losing some weight throughout the end of 2021 and even more in 2022 because I basically have him on the same diet as the mare. I wanted to trim him down some, but the vet told me he shouldn't lose any more. Looking forward to comments and suggestions.


Tina D in VA 2022 

Sherry Morse