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Meghan de Bruijn

I had to beg and plead for C-A-L Ranch to get the TC Balance Cubes in but I had great success going straight to Triple Crown. Try contacting the below. Shannon is my regional manager for Utah, so I'm guessing she's Colorado too. C-A-L Ranch is a sister company of Murdoch's so perhaps you can get them in!

Shannon Keller 
Regional Sales Manager 
Dillon Montana

Meghan B 2022
Park City, Utah

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Trisha DePietro

Hey Kristie, unfortunately, the Standlee products are not guarenteed  because they do not test each can look at this list and perhaps one of these is available in your area? Safe Bagged Feeds.pdf (    
Were you using the cubes as a carrier for the salt, etc? Or were you using it to replace the hay? Ontario Dehydrated cubes ( are the same as Triple Crown Cubes) Maybe able to assist you. If you google them I believe their contact information will come up. Hope this helps.
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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So far, I am unable to get the TC timothy Balance Cubes.  Neither Tractor Supply nor Murdoch's carry them where I live nor are they willing to order them in for me.  What other (Standlee preferably) cubes are acceptable with low ESC and Starch?

Kristie, Siena, and Satch in Western Colorado 2022