Shetlandpony 13 year laminites and Cushings


I got more questions for you:)

And sorry for my bad English!

My pony got sick right before christmas with laminites. Got tested for cushings and her levels was 68.

She got right trim and startet prascend and got better. But as i have said before never 100 prosent. Something was off. She seemed low in energy.

She got Sick again now. Footy and clearly lame again. (She got loose and ate a lot of grass)I guess thats the reason.

I have now started the emergency diet and back to scratch. This time i am determind to fight this once and for all. And do everything a 100%!

But when do you know its time to give up?When do you know the pony is to sick to get better?

Is it possible to make any rotation in hoof go back?


Eleanor Kellon, VMD


There are some cases that are so longstanding they cannot be made comfortable but that is a very small number in our experience. If you follow the DDT protocol exactly and get some radiographs for us to evaluate we can try to help you further.
Eleanor in PA 
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