Dr Kellon won PLACE for Junew from AAEP----Re: How to say “Thank-you!” Good works!! — July


I just received this from AAEP. Now we have to go for WIN for July!
in VA 2000 or 2001

Dear Dede,

We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Eleanor Kellon was selected as the “Place” entry for the month of June during the AAEP’s Good Works for Horses Campaign sponsored by Zoetis. 

As the recipient of this honor, Dr. Kellon is now eligible for the Good Works for Horses grand prize, which will be decided by our judges and announced during the month of September. No further nominations for Dr. Kellon are necessary at this point.

Thank you for recognizing Dr. Kellon for her service and for providing wonderful insights into her dedication to the horse and her clients!