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Hi everyone,
I'm so grateful this group exists so thank you ahead of time!
I'm brand new and may not have completed the registration correctly, so I read someone else's welcome letter and a lot of the attachments. My first question right now is about exercise. I'll work on completing the profile and uploading pictures and xrays, but may I please ask, should I handwalk my horse for a half hour in an arena without boots? The footing is that expensive soft stuff and it's not deep. She's on 1 gram of bute, will have a second corrective trim tomorrow, is on stall pads and deep bedding, and is wearing Soft Ride boots for night turnout in a very small dry lot.
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We don't recommend forcing exercise but if the horse walks along willingly and is not lame there's no problem.  Better to get her completely off the bute.
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Hi Stephanie,
You definitely deserve your own welcome letter so I checked to see where it was.  You can find it here.  https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/message/280543

You had asked a question about vitamin E and your welcome followed it.

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Hi Stephanie,

Until your mare is off Bute and sound I wouldn't be forcing her to walk, especially not without boots.  It doesn't matter how expensive or soft the footing is - you want her to be sound and comfortable moving before starting any forced exercise.