Feeding a non-forage based horse before serum re-test


Hi Sherry,

Thank for your reply. I did make a typo (MMS for EMS) but what I was trying to say is that this gelding's diet has migrated to 90% pellets - he gets about 1.5% of his body weight per day. I was feeding a little of the Senior Low Carb because I am worried about him dropping weight before winter, but will take another look at the Safe Feeds list to see what else I can tempt him with. He has been pretty pissy about being taken off hay (Feb) AND put on to a more austere taste profile (May) within a short period. He is not always cleaning up his meals.  

Per your advice, I will feed breakfast as normal on blood draw day, and make sure he has the 4 hour span after eating before blood draw. I am optimistic his numbers have improved because my other I/R horse improved a lot on a similar diet (hers is more forage) - just had her re-tested when we trailered to a vet clinic for a recheck on another issue. 

I am reviewing all the welcome info and working on case histories for both my I/R horses. 

Colleen M in CA 2022

Sherry Morse


Hi all,

I am working on the case history for this horse but haven't time to complete before his next blood draw.

26 yo Gelding 24 hrs/day in 1/4 acre dry paddock. Worked occasionally, just diagnosed MMS 5/22.  
5/27/22 lab results, 4 hours post breakfast
Insulin: 142
RISQI: 0.084
MIRG: -19
Leptin: 14.33

He is on a 90% by weight diet of pellets due to teeth wear. ACTH is 18.6, NOT laminitic. Since the May results above, I have switched his pellets from a mix of Alfalfa/Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer to a mix of LMF Low NSC Complete /LMF Senior Low Starch with 1lb/day Alfalfa pellets. (He also gets 1 lb dry weight Timothy Balance cubes, 1 1/2 c dry weight r/s/r beet pulp, Cal Trace Plus, etc throughout the day). I have also increased his exercise to 2-3x/week. 

I would like to compare the serum results on the new pellet mix to his last draw. I typically don't leave him with hay overnight, just give him a handful of Orchard grass (tested at 5.2% ESC, .2% starch) with his pellets 3x/day for the "chewing satisfaction". Should I leave him a slow feed hay bag overnight on the day before his test? He eats both his pellets and hay very slowly. He gets his breakfast pellets and beet pulp about 6:30 am and his blood draw will be around 11:30 am. 

We'll also be doing a full blood panel this round. Any recommendations for testing day appreciated. 

Thank you! 
Colleen M in CA 2022