Hay Analysis

Nancy C

Hi Kathy

I use the method for drying from DairyOne using a microwave.


Make sure you keep an eye on it b/c id it gets too dry it can catch.  I use this because I can pickup off the field, dry the sample quickly and get an answer to my hay guy in a few days.
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Hi, Kathy. Dry the soaked hay in the shade away from the dusty barn. I move it from the hay net to a laundry bag for drying, which usually takes a couple of days. Make sure the hay feels dry before you package and send it. 
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Kathy Hurd Hollister

Question for the group.
If I would like to analysis the hay that I am soaking, what is the protocol?
I am soaking for 1 hour in cold water or 1/2 hour in hot water( when it is available). Does it matter if the hay is dried in the sun or in the shade? Any other hints would be greatly appreciated.

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