Dairy One/ Equi-Analytical delay with their wet chem testing


I just got an email from Dairy/ Equi-Analytical as they are the same business) stating there was a malfunction of their equipment used for wet chem mineral testing and there will be a delay of up to 7 days for results.  A service engineer will be onsite on 8-11-22 to do repairs.  They are hoping to be back up and running by 8-12-22.  If you have questions about your sample/results call Customer Service at 607-375-9962.  I have not called them as I do not have an sample test there now.
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Bobbie Day

I got the same thing yesterday, I sent my samples off more than two weeks ago. It was lost in the mail, now their machines are broken. Hopefully they get them going like they say. I bet they’re pretty backed up.


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