PPID / IR and eyesight


Does PPID/IR affect eyesight? Hershey is flighty, easily spooked, on the trail. Is this a symptom of PPID or IR? He will be tested in September for both. Thanks.
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Nancy C

HI Chaty

Per Dr Kellon, as growth on the pituitary increase, the optic nerve can be affected. She has recommended dilated eye exam by a vet in the past: It would be good to get a complete eye exam, with special attention on the retina looking for any optic nerve edema.

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This is interesting. Lately my mare Bella (Cushings/PPID) has seemed to have some sight/vision issue (very new). Will ask vet about this.

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Any time your horse appears to have a vision issue, it's a good idea to have your vet do an eye exam. It may not have anything to do with IR/PPID but as horses age they can develop cataracts, which progress and at some point can make them blind. Some horses adjust just fine and you never know it's happening until they literally walk into something, others get anxious or reactive as their vision becomes more impaired.

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ferne fedeli

Your comments about horses going blind were certainly right on for my Arab, Velvet.  He became rather nervous or scared sometimes in the evening when the horses had gone in their pens and he was still standing there in the dry lot.  He usually managed to get in his pen okay, but one night, I got tired of waiting for him and went and got a rope to lead him into his pen and he walked right into the pen wall next to his!  That is when I called the vet!  His blindness was from Uveitis though.  

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Sherry Morse

If this were my horse I would have a vet check his eyes and then if there are no issues there I would look at bloodwork for Lyme as well as checking that PPID is controlled.