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Meghan de Bruijn

Hi All!

I have the opportunity to take my two Mustangs to Oregon for two weeks for a change of scenery. We live in Utah and the drive will be 12 hours. We are doing it in 2 6 hour days allowing for a lot of down-time in Boise which is half way there. Any tips on how to keep Napoleon, the 19 year old IR Mustang in tip top shape while traveling? I was thinking about adding Pro/Prebiotics the week before travel through traveling and upping his VitE. Should I add electrolytes or just more salt? Or, just keep him status quo? I will be able to take enough orchard grass hay to mix with an orchard grass mix I will be getting in OR.

Here is his current diet balanced by Dr. Kellon:

(totals, split into two feedings)

15 lbs hay a day

1 lb Stabul + (for amino acids)

1/2 lb TC Timothy Balance Cubes (to make a mash)

1 scoop Uckele Sport Horse Grass (he's 13.3hh and about 750 lbs)

2 scoops Uckele Mag (the tiny scoops)

2 tbsp iodized salt

4 oz Custom Equine Nutrition Omega E

2,000 iu Emcelle Tocopherol Vit. E

Thank you tribe!

Meghan B 2022
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Meghan. I would keep everything as is food wise.  Is the trailer set up so that they can access water through out the 6 hours? If not, are you able to take a water break and offer them some time to rest at the 3 hour mark? I don't know if Napoleon has sore feet or not, but if he does, deeply bedding the trailer space and/or shipping him with supportive boots could be helpful too. During the 'downtime" part of the trip will you be in a position to exercise him at all? That is helpful too in keeping everything as close to home life as possible. Hope this helps and have a great trip!
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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Frances C

Are your rhino/flu vaccinations up to date? - very important. Tied loosely in trailer so head can be lowered to help prevent shipping fever. Take water that he normally drinks, if not possible then start masking taste with some apple cider vinegar. If they load/unload easily you can take them out at rest stops for a drink and a walk. Park in shade wherever possible. I have hung small net haynets in trailer when travelling but can be risky re things getting caught and blowing around. Flymasks a must. Drive slow on roads less travelled, nights are best. - Happy trails!
- Frances C.
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Give your horses APF before, during and after the trip. Give yourself some too!
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Kathy Hurd Hollister

I trailered my IR mare from Colorado to Southern California late last fall. Since she was alone in the trailer, I had room to hang a small water bucket but still stopped every 4 hours to offer water. (Did not drive straight through since I was the only driver so took 4 days).  Shipped her in Cloud boots, had her on Ulcer Guard and APF and she did great.
Best of luck and have fun.
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