Rhodiola rosea


I have read several threads about Rhodiola rosea possibly helping with high insulin. Most of these posts were from 2017. Is there any updated information about replacing APF with Rhodiola rosea or effectiveness of Rhodiola rosea in lowering insulin? Do horses like to eat it? 

Joker is on Jiaogulan and APF currently, but APF is expensive. Just trying to see if there is a different option I should try. 

It is also likely that I will try metformin soon. If I use metformin is the APF or Rhodiola rosea still suggested or not worth giving? 

Anna Warzecha, MI, 2022

Joker (IR), Coco (PPID, IR)

Sherry Morse

Hi Anna,

The lack of posts over the last 5 years I would take as an indication that the product is not going to be useful in bringing down insulin.  If you're using APF thinking it will help with insulin can you advise why you are doing that?