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Date: September 7, 2022 at 7:31:37 PM CDT
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Subject: PPID testing

Would a test labeled Plasma, Edta, ACTH Pre TRH response, sampled 07/22/2022, received 07/29/2022, finalized 08/01/2022 --sent to Cornell be reliable??  Since it took 7 days to get there and is TRH during the rise?
Asking for a friend who may have a case history for Captain Drifter, but someone else did it for her and we can't find it much less know how to add the test results.
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Ann. What is your friends name and what is the name of the person that helped with the case history? Captain Drifter is a familiar name to me, but I can't obviously remember the owners name :) 

Trisha DePietro
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Maxine McArthur

Ann, is it Laura and Captain Drifter? She will need to add the test results to the case history she saved on her device and upload it to her folder here: CaseHistory@ECIR.groups.io | Files

She'll need to delete the old case history file so there is only one in the folder at a time. Instructions for uploading are on the case history form. 
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Laura Harvey is who I came up with as well.  She’s the person who uploaded the data, also listed as owner.
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Sherry Morse

To answer the actual question - TRH Stim testing is not accurate (or recommended) from July through December.  We would need to focus on the baseline ACTH number once that's provided.

Laura's information is in her signature/user profile:

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Like baseline ACTH values, the response to TRH goes up in the fall. What we don't know absolutely for sure is what the upper limit should be but preliminary data suggests double to triple the usual 10 minute response. Most tests would probably have to be called questionable or equivocal at this point although we have seen very high response, say over 500 to 600, that were clearly abnormal.
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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Ann,

In terms if how long it took to get there, ask your vet when it was actually shipped.   It can be stored at the clinic in a freezer without issues if it's a long weekend or the vet wants to ship multiple samples together, so it may still have gone overnight express.  Sometimes the lab will note if it arrived in poor condition on their report.

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