More 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference proceedings now available

Nancy C

From Dr. Kellon, two very timely lectures that answer many of the questions brought up in recent threads.

**Comparative Human and Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Equine science literature, recommendations, and marketing for various treatments of Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) commonly compares this uniquely equine issue to human research. This lecture will explore EMS from a comparative medicine perspective, i.e., showing how it does or does not compare to metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes in people, and how this influences management.

**Protein and Iron — Their Effect in EMS and PPID Horses.
Protein has long been suspect as a driver for metabolic issues in horses (but with little research to support or understand this hypothesis). The impact of iron overload on Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) has been largely overlooked. This lecture will review the possible impact of dietary protein, and the effects of (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction) PPID and EMS on protein metabolism. Iron overload and the most current published report on iron overload and hyperinsulinemia will be reviewed.

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