Vet Database for higher Pergolide doses?

Susan Vaughan

I can't find a vet in our area who will Rx for more than 2 mg/day.
Is there / could there be a list made by state for ECIR friendly vets?
I know that Remy needs more than 2 mgs/day.
I can see his PPID is not being controlled.
He was dx'd via TRH Stim test.
I want to do a CH for him - but figuring out how to do that seems hopeless as well.
Kindly, Susan
Susan Vaughan in Houston Texas
Member since 2004

Nancy C

Hi Susan

We've got  a number of Texas members who may be willing to share vet info. I would recommend you put out a separate message asking for private contact with vet info. We have tried unsuccessfully to amass a vet list.  It needs to be set up and monitored. Volunteer time is at a premium at the moment.  Are you volunteering?

Let us know here where you are getting stuck on your CH. Volunteers have successfully walked several who felt they were hopeless through the process.

Not what you wanted to hear, I know, but hope this helps.
Nancy C in NH
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Depending on what would be involved with setting up and monitoring a vet list, I might be able to volunteer to take that on. 
Ann Carney Nelson
"mom" to Lolly (20 yr old EMS/PPID Welsh pony who foundered in July 2019)
Joined ECIR in Sept 2019
Eugene, Oregon

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Nancy C

Hi Ann

Thanks. Need a little discussion with the volunteer team. 

I will pm you in a day or two. Let me know if you prefer I not do that.

Many thanks
Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
ECIR Group Inc. President/Treasurer  2021-2022


A vet database would be great! 

Try Dr. Kris Anderson in Santa Fe, TX, southeast of Houston. If she can’t help you, she may know of a vet who can. She seems to be very well-versed in IR and PPID.

Lisa Mittler
Barefoot Hoof Practitioner
South and Central Texas
January 2019