Lavinia -Request for New Mark ups for SEPTEMBER 25

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Suzanne,

While you're waiting for Lavinia to return, please take the time to correctly label/name your photos in your album, as detailed here:
Go to your album, click on each photo to view it, choose "Edit" and replace the gibberish in the "Name" field with the correct format.  Add up the time it takes if you like, and know that you've saved Lavinia that extra work.  :)

Since these will not be your first markups, which were free, when you have your photos ready, please contact her privately to arrange markups and payment.  I highly doubt she'll be able to meet your September 25 trim date, unfortunately.

I don't recommend lengthening trim intervals by more than 1 week in the cold months.  It's amazing how fast the trim can get away on you even then.

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Hi Suzanne,
Lavinia is on a rare vacation so maybe a few of us could share what we see.  I like to do that because I always learn something in the process.

I agree with you on all your assessments.  

The feet are definitely improving.  
You are taking baby steps.  it might be time to learn how to walk.  
Maybe the farrier could relate to the idea of putting a timeline on this project.  If the hoof takes a year to grow out, you should not still need more hoof remodeling after that time, I would think, as that would be counterproductive.  Reviewing Lavinia’s previous mark up remarks would still hold true.
I was always told that hooves don’t grow much in winter so you’re probably okay.  Maybe that would be a good time for you to try some rasping yourself.

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Maxine McArthur

Hi Suzanne
Lavinia is taking a well-deserved break, so you may have to wait a few weeks for markups. I'm sure one of our more experienced mods can comment, but IME it is not unusual for boots that fitted at the start of the rehab journey to no longer fit as the feet change. If Pilgrim were my horse, I would take off some of the flare from the top (only up to an inch or so above the ground--as in Lavinia's markup here: | Photo), and soften the edges of the overlaid bars. If the photos are only days after a trim, it shows that each trim is not taking a lot of material, so letting the interval creep out to 4-5 weeks may not help the situation with boot fitting, especially if the flares are not tightened up a bit. 
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Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Lavinia,

i feel Pilgrim’s trim is advancing in baby steps. He has been getting trimmed close to the 3 week mark since starting up with new farrier in early spring.  His Equine Fusion Jogging Boots are now loose at the top (can’t tighten them enough) and the boots on the bottom are too tighten and open up due to flares.  This just became an issue in the last month  

I think my farrier needs a bit more guidance in this area. Do you think a 4-4.5 week trim schedule would be ok for winter month growth?   Photos in album were taken 2-3 days after the last trim