Update: Midnight's heaving breathing

Sherry Morse

Glad to hear the inhaler is working for her Linda.  It's terrible to watch them struggling to breath so hopefully the smoke keeps blowing the other direction.

Starshine Ranch

Just to let you all know, Midnight likely did not have anhidrosis but some sort of RAO.  My vet put her on a cortisteroid inhaler for 10 days and by day 3 she was breathing normally.  It remains to be seen if she has a sweating issue... as soon as our temps got back to "civilized", the big fire broke out and the smoke was "unhealthy - hazardous" for well over a week after that and then we got some unusual rain.  Have not been able to ride for over a month but the weather should turn around soon and then, now that her lungs should be free of smoke, I'll take her out for a gentle ride and see how she does.  Grateful to have the inhaler during all that smoke and hoping the wind doesn't shift it back in this direction.
Thank you all for your advice.
Linda in Grass Valley, CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara