Private: Re: safe antibiotics for metabolic horses

Sherry Morse

Hi Sue,

For your case history start with the most recent information and then you can add other information as you have time.  We need to start with the basics - current weight/ideal weight, current feed/medication, current living situation and current bloodwork.  

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I am slowly trying to complete a case history. It will be book length.  She has been in the hospital multiple times for several months at a time in recent years ( for epiglottis surgery and then for a coffin joint infection that our former vet who would have nothing to do with ECIR tried unsuccessfully to treat). He also said it was fine for her to be turned out on grass with insulin of 100.  I didn’t do that! She is on a dry lot when out and has a stone dust paddock attached to her stall. I have an awesome surgeon and now finally have a vet that is on board with ECIR. She has been on prascend for several years and is now taking 2.25 tablets daily. Her ACTH is well controlled.  She is syringed metformin twice daily (12 tablets each dose) We check her insulin periodically. Her hay is under the 10% but she needs to have it wet due to her epiglottis surgery so we soak it as an extra precaution.