Thyroid and Thyro -L supplementation

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Hi Dr Kellon and all
I am wondering if consistent low thyroid could contribute to any of Vinnie's skin and coat related issues that we are having this year?

If you recall he was on Thyro-L for about 7 years, and we stopped it last year in tapering doses.

While in Thyro-l he did have normal to high results, but ever since stopping it in spite of adequate iodine supplementation he has consistently been hypothyroid.

Being that he is in a flozin med, I don't need him to lose weight, so would that be the only reason to put and IR/PPID horse on thyro-l?

Thanks in advance-
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

He won't lose weight on Thyro-L unless you get him into the hyperthyroid range. Skin issues aren't a reported effect of hypothyroidism in horses, even when they have had their thyroid removed and rendered severely hypothyroid, however coat issues including delayed shedding and delayed regrowth may be associated with hypothyroidism. I see no problem with titrating him back up to a normal thyroid hormone level.
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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

R Rich

Dr Kellon,

Would euthyroid syndrome be a possibility with this case?

Or ACTH not adequately controlled?
R. Rich
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April 2018