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Hi Vicky. 

Does your boarding facility want to give everything -minerals and meds- at the same time? I feed allergy meds twice a day. When not adding them to minerals+carrier, I give it with ¼ cup Stabul1 drizzled with CocoSoya Oil so the powder sticks. I top with ¼ cup Cavalor Fiber Force. This may be too much to ask of a busy boarding barn.  The allergy med I use is flavored compounded powder, so it’s easy.

When my mares boycott their supplements, I add a safe hay pellet or cube into the mix for a while. I keep ODTBC on hand for situations like this and add a quart to the supplement carrier. 

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Hi Vicky, if anihist H works, could you syringe it with a little water or oil? I was thinking about doing the same for Vinnie because he won't eat it either.  As a side note, I have to syringe Vinnies spirulina because he refuses to eat it too, but he doesn't mind it with a little flax oil in a syringe.
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I have used quercetin by its self with good results. It is in one of the supplements you listed.
I have used 500mg to 1000mg
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I have had my IR/Cushings boy on AniHist H and it has helped alot with his breathing and allergy issues this year.  But he has stopped eating his Staubl 1 Carrier for supplements if this is in it!  We have a lot of issues with him eating his supplements already.  He is always going off his carrier due to supplements he decides he does not like.  Does anyone know if,

Command  Allergy's ingredients are safe to feed him?

This Brookside Equine Supplement contains no sugars or fillers, so less can be fed and more can be utilized.


Active Ingredients per 17 grams: A proprietary blend of Calcium Carbonate, Citrus Bioflavonolds, Hawthorne Berry, Hesperidin, Mullen Leaf, Quercetin, Rutin.
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Nutritional Analysis:

Natural herbs in a great tasting proprietary blend of: Echinacea, Spirulina, Lemon Balm, Mullein, Willow, Green Tea, Eleuthero Root, Reishi.

I have  tried many times and He will not eat spirulina and lung EQ has not helped him.  Also Condroitin sulfate did not help the allergies either.  He cannot have the prescription Tri-Hist as it caused him to stop sweating. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions for an allergy supplement that has worked for their  IR horses and that is palatable? 

thank you so very much for your thoughts and advice.

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